Cheap Hosting Services for Static or Dynamic Websites

The perfect website is just the beginning.  After you’ve completed all the hard work of building a competent website, you need (especially if you have a limited IT budget) to have a comprehensive cheap hosting  package.  Your website needs to be hosted on the Internet so that it runs properly, but where do you turn?

After designin g your website professionally or through designing software, you need to be able to get your site online and active.  Basically, web hosting se

rvices lease out a small portion of a web server for a monthly fee so that your website can become an active participant in the Internet.  The domain name associated with your website is the URL address given to you by a web host.

Since websites come in simple, or static, sites or dynamic sites, it is imperative that you chose the right services for your needs.  Static sites are not changed or updated until a new webpage is directly reloaded onto the web server.  Dynamic sites are those that have applications such as photo galleries, forums, blogs, etc.



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