Use of Pre-Built Applications in Windows Hosting Packages

You will most likely utilize a few pre-built applications as the foundation for your website no matter what type you plan to build.  In popularWindows hosting  packages, providers may give you access to ColdFusion, ASP.NET, ASP, Ruby, Java, Python, PERL or PHP scripting languages.  Python, PERL, Java and PHP are designated as cross platform, which can be run on just about any operating system, while the ASP’s can only run on Windows based operating systems.  Ruby is completely UNIX based.  Since there are operating system differences with these scripts, not all providers will provide you access to all of them.  Therefore, you need to shop around carefully to find out which provider offers you what you need for your website.

The scripting language or programming type will be determined by which applications you decide to run.  Many web hosting providers will give you the tools necessary to install applications directly from the base control panel.  Therefore, they enable you to get up and running usually within minutes after purchasing.


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